Shooting through haze and thin clouds for most of the evening.  Supposed to clear off for a couple of hours after midnight.  Desperate for a clear night!  75 > 70F, humidity 70%, light breeze.  Update – cleared off around midnight – middle of second wr135 spectrum.

Rig #1:  WR134, 135, 137

I spend some time last night dodging clouds and re-collimating the telescope to see if that is what is causing the asymmetrical spectral traces – to no avail.  Collimation seems not to be the problem.  Not sure the data tonight will be high enough S/N due to the thin clouds, but seeing is actually pretty good and I’ve managed to maintain pretty good focus.  Hopefully that can compensate a bit for the thin clouds.  11:52pm as I type this and the clouds do seem to be thinning somewhat.

Rig #2: V1101 Aqr

I’ll likely follow this object for the next few weeks.  Joe Patterson requesting long runs on this star, a “negative superhumper”.  Like with rig #1, not sure these data will end up being useful.

All in all a pretty good night – no major issues – set up darks for -10C on each camera.  Out at 3:12am