It was the very best night of the summer so far.  Virtually could-free, fairly haze-free, with steady seeing and light wind.  Temp was 72 > 65F,  humiditiy around 65%

Rig 1:  WR134,135, & 137

This was likely the last night I could get a full set of three spectra for each target.  Due to a screw-up I wasted about 30 minutes getting the third wr135 spectrum – so never did get the third WR137.  I still cannot figure out why spectral traces are skewed in one direction.  Tonight’s data and those from the most recent previous night both await new flat fields.  Not 100% sure they’re needed – but would not hurt.  I tried running the camera at -15C but it just would not go that low, so I ended up getting -14C bias and darks.  Not even sure the camera was at -14C throughout the night.

Rig #2: V1101 Aql

A newer target from Joe Patterson, did a sequence of 1-minute exposures.  Also got new flats – use them for tonight’s and the most recent previous evening’s images (also of V1101 Aql.