Clear and cool – unseasonaly cool – low expected to be around 62F, 74 at sunset, humidity 50%.  Some clouds are supposed to pass through early.  We’ll see.  Seeing is average to slightly above, maybe 1.8 arcsec.

UPDATE:  Clouds rolled in around 12:30am or so.  Got two full cycles of the WR stars before shutting it down.

Rig #1:  WR134,135,137

See if I can get three full cycles!

Rig #2:  V1101 Aql

This guy is much brighter tonight than the other two nights I’ve observed it.  Running 30-second integrations and still getting S/N well above 100.



Had trouble getting rig#2 running.  Somehow everything lost communication with the mount, so I disconnected all software from the mount, exited NexRemote, turned mount power off then on, reconnected NexRemote and did a cold start (find switch, etc.)  First attempt failed, turned power off/on – second attempt succeeded, but in finding switch the mount ran a long way (20 degrees?) in declination past switch before stopping and returning.  Found position an all was well.  Hmmmmmm.