Well, after a really messy start it looks like the night might be productive.  I had major issues with the #1 CGE mount.  It looked like cable issues again but swapping the cables with the #2 CGE did no good and the suspect cables worked just fine on CGE#2.  I removed the RA motor cover and just looked around inside a bit and toggled the micro switches.  All seems to be fine now.  No idea what the problem was.

Rig #2 is taking 200-second integrations of CSS130106:112619+084651 (“OT1126”).  SN is around 20-25 or so but the object is low in the sky – will get better throughout the night.

This is the first night using camera ST8xme #2.  Purchased off AstroMart a week or two ago – class 1 chip and CFW9 filter wheel all for a good price.  Selling the filter wheel and filters on AMart to recoup some of the cost.

I’ve installed the 1200 line/mm grating in the LHiRes spectrograph.  If it stays clear all night I may try an object for Rowen Poole.  At declination -16 degrees it’s going to be a challenge.  The object is a suspected but unconfirmed (?) T Tau star.

Another recent purchase: a used Astro-Physics 1200GTO with CP2 electronics.  It seems to be in good shape but I won’t know just how good (or otherwise) until the pier-top mounting plate arrives, which I’ve been told will be about four weeks from now.  Currently I plan to put the new mount in the 10-foot dome and move the #1 telescope there, then mount the #2 telescope in the older dome.  The spare mount (CGE#2) might be used for parts or perhaps I’ll re-build the 8-inch f/10 and mount it on occasion.  Or maybe I’ll just sell it.  I need to get a dovetail saddle and counterweights for the 1200; as soon as finances settle down I plan to upgrade to CP3 electronics.