A second really nice night in a row!  And of course rig#1 is still down for repairs!  Lows tonight around 65F, clear (but not quite as clear as last night) calm winds – seeing even now is better than 2-arcsec.  Expecting dew tonight so DON’T FORGET TO KEEP DEW HEATERS ON!

Rig#2:  V1101 Aql & HT Cas

Another night on this object.  Meridian transit at about 11:05pm, will hit the trees around 1:00am.  So I’ll see what Joe Patterson is suggesting for late night targets.  30-second exposures, V1101 is bright, perhaps not as bright as last night.

V1101 got into the maple tree from hell at around 1:00am.  So I decided to give HT Cas a try.  Seems HT Cas is quite quiet these days!  After a few dozen 30-second exposures I decided to bag it – out at around 2:30am.

Data Reductions

Earlier today I got caught up with current projects – two nights of V1101 Aql reduced and sent to Joe Patterson – three nights of spectra of WR 134, 135, and 137 sent off to Noel Richardson.

Added August 25th:

I got the data reduced the following morning.  Here’s a plot.  Nice sinusoid!



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