Clear and cool – low expected around 49F, humidity enough to have heavy dew.  No wind, seeing around 1.8 arcsec.

Rig#1:  Nova Del 2013 (= v339 Del)

Took some spectra in blue range.  2400 line grating, 23-micron slit.  Trying at first to get He II 4686.  First three spectra taken with micrometer set at 12.73.  Then moved micrometer to 12.40 and did another set.  Both were sets of three exposures, 1800 seconds.  Note the final calib spectrum for the 12.73 setting was never taken.  I then took spectra of Alpha And., first at setting 12.40, then at 12.73.  I set up to do flat fields for each setting (plus for the H-alpha region from a few nights ago) but sometime during the first flat exposure the bulb went up in the halogen lamp.  Not having a replacement I just shut it down for the night.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Rig#2:  New CV in Cassiopeia

Another night on this object, which is still bright.  Note that 45 minutes was lost because the sequence I set up only called for 300 exposures.  While dealing with Rig#1 issues (see above) the sequence ran out and I did not notice it.  Argh!  Anyway, here’s the plot from tonight’s observations


676 images in the sequence tonight!  Out at 5:00am.

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